The Designer

Founder and Creative Director, Céline Augeraud.

Mixing her emotions, romance and search of beauty, she is designing “made with soul” and “ready to love” pieces.

“Living in Paris, I started drawing my models in a search of my sense of beauty enriched & oriented by a window on the Mediterranean sea that is part of my deep structure”.

The feminine and modern spectrum of Céline Augeraud mixes some out faded clichés to her romanced vision of life. She is shaping MARUCCIA like mud integrating most of the sensorial emotions acting in the brilliant moments.

She inherited her special to sea and light when it has to come to jewelry while she started at the age of 17 to design with an Alexandrin atelier with a family “how do”.

As talion, jewelry more than any other ornament tells about your individuality and state of mind.

“For me there is a strong power in poetry in a sense that it embodies this supplement of beauty that life requires for both inspiration & remembrance. I upcycled the incredible romance I experienced in Capri and other tiny Mediterranean islands”