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The Designer

Founder and artistic director, Celine Augeraud divides her time between Paris and small islands in the Mediterranean where she gets the opportunity to refresh her look on beautiful and simple pleasures.

“Living in Paris, I started drawing models in search of a sense of beauty that would be both classic and poetic. I am drawing in a bubble whose window is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with Paris as a background”

Mixing her emotions, romance and quest for beauty, she’s designing pieces with her “soul” and “ready to be love” for their aesthetics and poetry.

Céline Augeraud’s feminine and modern spectrum pushes her to mix outdated clichés with her classic reference images. She shapes Maruccia in a sincere and personal approach by integrating her subreptic sensory emotions (her flashes) into her designs.

“As a precious insignia, the jewel speaks more than any other ornament of our individuality and our state of mind”

Particularly inspired by the strength of the sea and its hypnotic light, she began designing jewelry at the age of 17 in an Alexandrin family workshop who introduced her to the art of jewelry and the love of “know-how”.

“Life is like clay and it offers you so many opportunities! I’ve started Maruccia when I realized this!”

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