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“My parents were born in the Mediterranean and conscious or not, I have always kept their stories as a standard of happiness.

Life was luminous and simple, with very little allusion to the material… they tasted and appreciated the present in the most natural way! Daily life was organized around family and nature as well as the sea scenarii. Contacts with relatives and friends were essential.

Time was stretching peacefully in the bright daylight… and even today I keep these stories and visions as a legacy.

Italy holds a very special place since my parents were in love with this country and would take me there every holiday…. Our friends and references were Italian!

As a child, my gaze was exercised in the baroque and decadent palaces as well as in the shops of the Italian fashion designers that my mother cherished.

Whether you analyze architecture, food or fashion, you end on the same ode to life and hymns to beauty.

And I can only define Western beauty as a precious gift of Mediterranean civilization”

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