The Soul

I was almost born in Italy. To me vacations  and emotional highlights were intimately linked to this country.  

At very young age, I was impressed by the grandiose decadent palazzos, influenced by the notion of aesthetics through my mother love for Italian fashion designers or harmonized by the musical accent of the locals.

My remembrances operate in sharp iodide smell, burning rock breath and soft Jasmin scent after a warm filled day.

"I can only define the Occidental beauty as a precious gift from Mediterrannea"

Whether architecture, food or fashion, it is  the same ode to  life and hymn to beauty especially in Mediterrannea 

Life is mud to me, you can shape it as many times you feel the intense need to.The ideal life is the life we are gifted to live and to live well.  

“When I decided to do so, I decided to shape my Maruccia version of luscient life.”

The Philosophy

We believe that nature & mutual links nourish our life & soul. The aim of describing beauty is to give back in the most honest way what we received as part of a all.

Our vision of sustainability is to create limited numbers of pieces which are included in a sincere prism of our aesthetic vision.

We are focusing on quality and balance of details and we are favoriting working with small ateliers which are most of the time family run businesses. Time and attention in their art are essential.

Made to be worn and lived, our jewelry are thought to be worn throughout all moments in life and to be intuitively reinterpreted.

We also believe that lifelong pieces can be loved, collected and transmitted with pleasure, inherently they became timelessness.